Origami Candy Earrings

By , February 4, 2009 1:26 pm
Origami Candy Earrings at TinyShiny.com

Origami Candy Earrings at TinyShiny.com

Here is a new design for Origami Candy Earrings I just put up on TinyShiny.com.

I call them candy because they remind me of Japanese candy.
I wanted to make a new Origami design and I remembered this object.

When I was kid, I used to make these candy shaped objects a lot with my mother, just for fun. I hadn’t made them so long time but somehow I still remembered how to fold them.

I decided the size would 12mm long, they are similar in size to my other origami earring designs.
All my origami earrings are tiny. So they don’t bother you, when you’re wearing them.


Origami Earrings Background

I created my first origami earrings in 1995. I wanted to make something special for my friends. I thought something Japanese would be suitable.

Origami Crane Earrings at TinyShiny.com

Origami Crane Earrings at TinyShiny.com

I had Origami paper and beads. So I decided to try making jewelry with the materials I had. I experimented with many different forms.

Finally, I came up the Crane and Fish Earrings. I like small things so I tried to make them as small as possible. This is how I came to create my Origami Crane and Fish Earrings.

At first, I didn’t think I could sell them because they were made of paper. But my friends told me they loved my earrings and they wanted me to make more.

Some of my friends are still wearing them today. That why I am still making Tiny Origami Earrings.

You can check out my Free Origami Projects with illustrated diagrams of classic origami shapes.