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Unique Handmade Craft Shop TinyShiny - Original Crafts, Book Cover, Jizo, Pincushions, Furoshiki, Stamps
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Origami Arts and Craft
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Book Covers

Original hand stamped pincushions. Original hand stamped Book Covers.

Chopstick Bags

Origami Mobiles

Original hand stamped cloth Chopstick Bag. Origami Mobiles.

Jizo Sculpture


Handmade Clay (Jizo) Childlike Monk Sculpture. Furoshiki Furoshiki - Eco-Friendly Wrapping Cloth.

Jizo Strap

Glass Beads Ball Strap

Handmade Fimo (Jizo) Childlike Monk Sculpture with strap. Handmade Czech-crystal bead ball wirh strap.


Hand-carved Stamps

Original hand stamped cloth Coasters. Original hand-carved stamps.