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About TinyShiny

My name is Little-Akiko. I am the designer for TinyShiny.
All products are designed by me.
Everything is handmade and shipped directly to you.


Where did the Tiny Shiny name come from?

I always liked shiny things and I decided use “shiny” for my jewelry company name. Also I was always attracted by small(tiny) objects, and things that sparkle. So I thought  “tiny” and “shiny” sounded good together. I decided to name my site and company Tiny Shiny.

Origami Earrings

 Origami Earrings
I created my first origami earrings in 1995. I wanted to make something special for my friends. I thought something Japanese would be suitable. I had Origami paper and beads. So I decided to try making jewelry with the materials I had.  I experimented with many different forms.
Finally, I came up the Crane and Fish Earrings. I like small things so I tried to make them as small as possible. This is how I came to create my Origami Crane and Fish Earrings. 

At first, I didn’t think I could sell them because they were made of paper. But my friends told me they loved my earrings and they wanted me to make more.  Some of my friends are still wearing them today. That why I am still making Tiny Origami Earrings.


 Why I started making Jewelry?

 I always liked Shiny Silver Rings and went shopping to find one that I liked.

 I found many nice rings but when I tried them on but...

.... The sizes were always too BIG!!!


I realized that the best way to have the Jewelry I wanted was to make it myself.

I studied Jewelry Making for many years in Japan and Canada and later started

Alligator story

Now there is no alligator logo ( I call him shiny) on my site.

I remembered when I was child, I used to make animals, insects and flowers with beads. I wanted to create something with beads again. So played around and created some bead alligators. I put them on a table in my room. When my friends came to visit, they found my alligators and they looked at them curiously. When I started thinking about my company logo, I thought about my bead alligator. Then I drew alligator with my computer mouse.



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